Our club was founded about  eight years ago with the aim of promoting and providing a meeting point for anyone interested in model railways.
Originally it was called The Camposol & District Model Club as most of the founding members came from the area but over time we have gained members from further afield so we needed a new name to reflect that change
Our core membership at the moment is around twelve people from the  Murcia area with a range of interests in model railways of all scales and era’s,
This diversity   has turned out to be a bonus  as it provides an opportunity  to exchange ideas and swop information between people with different interests, so usually if you have a problem with a project there is someone within the group who can provide a solution.
So we welcome anyone whatever their area of expertise or skill level  to come and join us and add their input to the club.
Meetings are normally held on the 3rd Thursday of the month at a convenient location but everyone is sent a reminder about a week before once a venue has been confirmed

Tinkers End. A very large computer controlled layout in the early stages of development.

Here we can take a tour of Tinkers End and get some idea of the large size of the layout and the work completed so far.

Byford. The main parts of this layout are largely complete but as with any Model Railway it is never finished and there are always improvements and additions to be made.

Market Day in Byford.

A Closer Look

Get a closer look at Byford by taking a guided tour featuring places of interest, it’s free!

Take a look around Gloucester.