Gloucester Central to Cheltenham Malvern Road

This a circular Loft Layout featuring Great Western Region stock with mainline stations on the continuous circuit and a branch leading to country section with a small station there.

The owner started his working life as a fireman on the Western Region so he has lots of background information and interesting stories to tell about life on the railways

There is still plenty of development work to do and spurs are already in place to the centre section where a Motive Power Depot and Goods Yard will be Built in the future.

The main focus of the early work has been the country section which features a Station with associated features and a mountainous area with its own Funicular Railway

Due to the recent Covid restrictions and difficulties in obtaining supplies the opportunity was take to complete a lot of smaller projects and add detail to the layout. Also a jig was made so that lineside fencing could be produced consistently for the amount needed around the layout.