John’s Workshop.

John is a skilled engineer who builds models from scratch in his own workshop. Previously he had completed a range of highly detailed sailing ships some of which are shown here. Indeed they are so good that the Santa Ana for example is destined for a Spanish Maritime Museum

The Santa Ana, a famous Spanish Galleon that was unfortunately sunk by Admiral Nelson prior to the Battle of Trafalgar

His Latest Project is Minnie the Traction Engine

Feb 2014. I have started on the build of the Minnie traction engine,steam powered,scale 1:12.Couple of photos of the wheels hot off the lathe.More work to be done on them before fitting the spokes.The rears measure 153 mm diameter  before adding the strakes. Estimated time for total engine completion,about 4 years,that’s if the wife does not have any 10 minute jobs around the house that get in the way.

Attached a few photos of the Minnie traction engine progress.Working on the motion parts now.Possibly 2 years now to finish,God willing.Boiler done complete with test cert,and the front/rear wheels, smokebox, chimney

Minnie. Here she is finally finished