Byford Layout

 Since I grew up in a mainly LMS(BR) region of Yorkshire but spent every summer holiday at my grandparents who lived in a village adjacent to an LNER mainline south of York it was impossible to separate the two regions, so Byford is not based on a real location but is a compromise which allows me to run both region’s stock

 This has been under construction for about the past six years in the store room under the house and measures about 7.00m by 3.50m and is designed for my own preferences in a layout, i.e. seeing the trains that I remember running around in the late 50s.

 Having built a few layouts over the years there were a couple of rules learnt from previous experience:-

1:- No mainline inclines; steam outline locos don’t like them.

2:-No hidden underboard sidings,  if something is going to go wrong it will be there.

With this in mind the layout gradually evolved into where I have finished up with a circular layout, large station on one side and country station on the other.

 Ten storage sidings capable of holding about twenty trains behind the small country station.

A large island in the middle for the steam and diesel sheds  in order to display and use the locomotive collection.

A spur where I can load up the spare rolling stock from cassettes which are kept in a storage trolley under the layout.

The basic layout plan is now just about finished so the intention is begin to start adding the finer details to bring the layout up to a better standard.

These were the first steps taken in building the new Layout in around 2015 the main elements completed first were a 16 road storage yard with each track capable of holding two trains.

Also a Viaduct/Bridge which will cross a canal basin and industrial area when complete…

Silver Link crosses the canal on the down Scotsman…

Storage Yard is started and trains have been assembled into suitable rakes for prototype running.